More Fruit

"The word is a most encouraging one.  Let us listen to it.  It is just to the branch that is bearing fruit that this message comes: more fruit. God does not demand this as Pharaoh the taskmaster, or as Moses the lawgiver, without providing the means He comes as a Father, who gives what He asks and works what He commands.  He comes to us as the living branches of the living Vine and offers to work the more fruit in us, if we but yield oursevles into His hands.  Shall we not admit the claim, accept the offer, and look to Him to work it in us?" - Murray

That we don't work in vain is an encouragement.  That we don't labor alone is even more of a comfort.  We are a part of the Vine.  We are His.  He is our life and the strength and wisdom to make it through (sometimes day-by-day). 

Thank You, O my Father.  For giving us your life.  For connecting us to Your eternal Vine. Amen.

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