Ye Can Do Nothing

Without Me ye can do nothing. John 15:5

"As little as I created myself, as little as I could raise a man from the dead, can I give myself the divine life. As little as I can give it myself, can I maintain or increase it: Every motion is the work of God through Christ and His Spirit. It is as a person believes this that he will take up that position of entire and continual dependence that is the very essence of the life of faith....The sense of helplessness, and the abiding to which it compels, leads to true fruitfulness and diligence in good works....Look again at that little branch, utterly helpless and fruitless except as it receives sap from the vine, and learn that the full conviction of not being able to do anything apart from Christ is just what you need to teach you to abide in your heavenly Vine....Without me - you nothing. Lord, I gladly accept the arrangement: I nothing - You all. My nothingness is my highest blessing, because You are the Vine that gives and works all. So be it, Lord! I, nothing, ever waiting on Your fullness. Lord, reveal to me the glory of this blessed life." - Murray

How many times do I despise my weakness?  Wishing I could do more, be more to others, give more to others, know more how to help, have more time.  The answer lies in that I don't have anything.  I am nothing.  Christ will enable to do, give, be, and love.  And what a perfect life He will live through me! 

Lord, my prayer is the same as Murray's....let me be nothing.  Let myself fade away.  Let me abide and gain all of myself from You.  Give me Your strength. Give me Your love. Give me Your wisdom. Give me Your life. Amen.

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