Much Fruit

"Have you ever noticed the difference in the Christian life between work and fruit? A machine can do work; only life can bear fruit. A law can compel work; only love can spontaneously bring forth fruit. Work implies effort and labor; the essential idea of fruit is that it is the silent, natural, restful produce of our inner life....Begin each day with Him in the morning, to know in truth that you are abiding in Him and He in you.  Christ tells us that nothing less will do. It is not your willing and running; it is not by your might or strength, "but by my spirit, saith the Lord" (Zechariah 4:6)...You see to the abiding; He will see to the fruit, for He will give it in you and through you." - Murray

Everyone gets tired of working for Christ.  It is time to abide in Christ.  It is then that the fruit comes.  I pray that for my own life.  That I stop striving to do, do, do, do and just abide in Christ.

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