Abiding Fruit

I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain. - John 15:16

"There is work that leaves its mark for generations or for eternity. In it the power of God makes itself lastingly felt.....The more of man with his wisdom and power, the less of stability; the more of God's Spirit, the more of a faith standing in God's power....What is the secret of bearing fruit that abides? The answer is simple,. It is as our life abides in Christ, as we abide in Him, that the fruit we bear will abide....The purpose is His, He will carry it out; the fruit is His, He will bring it forth; the abiding is His, He will maintain it." - Murray

It seems that the theme of this passage is the abiding
Hard truths are revealed in John 15. 
Hard things are commanded of a Christian:
bear much fruit,
fruit that will remain...etc. 

Yet not without hope are these truths and commands given: 
Our hope comes in the abiding. 
Drawing close to Christ and living a life in direct communion with Him
automatically produces fruit,
and fruit that abides!

The idea of resting and working are reconciled in this passage and expounded upon
in Andrew Murray's book, The True Vine.

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