Speak Carefully

For attractive lips, Speak words of kindness.
Sam Levenson

Kind words are like honey -
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24

Sometimes it is necessary for us to speak.
At other times it is important that we be quiet.
Wisdom comes with knowing the difference.
Mrs. D.E. Clay

Gold there is, and rubies in abundance,
but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.
Proverbs 20:15

Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom.
American Proverb

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue
keeps himself out of trouble.
Proverbs 21:23

The art of listening is something that I am just a novice in! Not really my strong point. Silence is not my cup of tea. So many times I have misstepped simply by speaking. God is whittling away my talkative nature. He is showing me how encouraging, helpful, and prudent it is to just listen. I always admired the verses in Proverbs that spoke about the tongue and especially when to speak. It seems a very hard hill for me to climb sometimes. Yet - it is a path I know God wants especially for me.  Not only do I want to simply stay out of trouble - I want to the "honey to the soul" for those around me.

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