Family Purpose Statement

A couple of weeks ago I read a few posts about a Family Purpose Statement.  I was intrigued at first. Not quite sure I understood exactly what that entailed.  I read her post here and here.

I wasn't so sure if I knew if that would actually be a beneficial to Jason and I or not.  I ran the idea past him.  He was hesitant - not really knowing the purpose behind a purpose statement. By the end of our discussion, we realized a few things.

1. Although we talk about our family rules and desires for our family, we've never written them down. 
2. We are not intentional when spending our money. We buy what we need (and most of what we want) without giving a second thought.
3. We knew how we wanted our kids to act (and how we wanted to act) but never why.
4. Our marriage has come through ups and downs and is in a good place right now, but we never really looked at goals for our marriage.
5. Our future and the "next step" hit a big time blow this past year.  With Jason losing his job so unexpectedly, we were taken a back.  We are hesitant to say "In five years" or "In ten years" now.  We know where we want to go eventually - but getting there is the problem. 
6. We had never factored in a specific Scripture to help guide us with our goals, finacnes, marriage, and parenting.

It has helped us be intentional about our:

1. Goals
2. Finances
3. Parenting
4. Marriage
5. Future

Our purpose statement allows us to have written goals for finances, parenting, marriage, and the future with God's Word as the focus.


Here is our Family Purpose Statement (Based on Micah 6:8)

Jason and Sarah Frazer // Family Purpose Statement
As a family, we believe that our purpose is to be mission-minded servants, glorifying God by…..

·         Doing Justly – God’s Word is truth and should be first in our hearts.
    • Strive to study God’s Word and grow in wisdom.
    • Make decisions based on God’s Word.
    • Develop a love of God’s Word in our children.
·         Loving Mercy – Extending grace to each other in our words and actions.
    • When we are “wronged,” assume the best and extend grace and forgiveness.
    • When we are frustrated, seek the good of others and not ourselves.
    • When we speak or act, use words that build and repair.
·         Walking Humbly with Our God – Glory in Humility
    • With our possessions, maintain a humble lifestyle.
    • With our finances, give generously.
    • With our time, spend it in serving others.

Benefits of a Family Purpose Statement
(some of my own, and some of Sarah's from Project On Purpose)

1. Causes you to stop and think about the big picture of your family.

2. Helps you come up with general goals that can be implemented into smaller goals.

3. Keeps your focus on God and His word when making decisions.

4. The small details of everyday have value.

5. Goals, finances, parenting, marriage, and our future have their foundation in Scripture.


Has your family ever written a Family Purpose Statement? If so, how did you implement it?


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