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Today I am participating in a Tour Around Blogland.  I was nominated by the sweet Keri over at Living in This Season.  She and I share so much in common!  She has three little ones (two boys and baby girl).  She is such an inspiration.  She shares lots of great DIY projects, encouragements for moms, and lots of great toddler activities!  I have loved getting to know her through her beautiful blog!

She nominated me and asked me to answer the four following questions:

1) What am I working on?
One of our biggest projects is the adoption.  We have been working on it since January of this year.  We suspect that we still have a ways to go before we bring home our little girl. This blog has been a great way to keep our friends and family updated on the process.

I love to study God's word.  One of the hardest things about being a stay-at-home mom is finding the time to be with other moms.  I started a Bible study at my house a few years ago.  Although there is just a few of us, we really enjoy getting together every other week to study God's word.  I love that we can share and laugh - but center it around God's word.  

One of the most important things in our house is our schooling.  As a second-generation homeschooler, and former elementary school teacher, education is very important.  We started last year with kindergarten and decided to continue with first grade (and preschool) this year.  Our year is just beginning, but I am excited to teach my little guys at home.

2) How does my work differ from others in it's genre?
My work is unique because I am unique!  A lot of mothers write devotionals, but I am my own person.  I write from my own day-to-day experiences.  I also try to focus my writing on God's Word.  I do NOT have all the answers.  However, I do have a Book that does.  All of my advice or encouragement *hopefully* comes from God's Word - not me.  I am also honest.  I do not pretend to have a clean house or good little ones.  I do not always respond in the right way.  What I do have is Grace.  I have the Grace that God has bestowed on me that I want to help spread to others.

Honest Moments

I also love to write about adoption.  I started out sharing about our adoption journey, but find myself writing about waiting and the beauty of adoption as well.

Read Some Adoption Posts Here

3) Why do I write/create what I do?
I write what I need to hear.  I love reading devotionals from an honest perspective.  I do not like to read "Do these ten things to have perfect kids." I like advice that is rooted in God's Word.  I write from that point of view.  I also wanted to created a space to talk about adoption and specifically how God is changing me through it.

4) How does my writing/creating process work?
My every day life is my biggest inspiration.  My little ones, my friends, and family are a big inspiration.  I am always trying to read God's Word and other small devotionals that will inspire.   

A great inspiration currently is this adoption.  Adoption is such a unique thing.  The waiting is so different than any other waiting I've experienced.  It has caused me to have to trust in the Lord in ways I never did before.  It has taught me a lot about so many things.

After getting inspiration, I let it simmer in my heart and mind.  I might jot down an idea or two and then sit down to write a post about my idea later.  So many times God lays a topic on my heart that I need to hear....it is encouraging to me to hear feedback from others who needed to hear from Him as well.

I was asked to nominate three blogs that I find inspiring. I want you to meet these wonderful ladies and their blogs today.  Next week, they will share their answers to the questions! 

I met Tessy from a recent Adoption Box Swap.  We share so much, including our love for adoption, writing, and Jesus. Tessy is a mom and justice crusader who blogs over at Divine Moments.  She is passionate about making small choices that will influence lives around the world.   A lot of this passion is centered on orphans and adoption after being transformed by her own adoption journey.  God has torn out a chunk of her heart and left it buried somewhere in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afrcia where her son Zalen is from (Belong day – Jan. 15th, 2012)  She is also a mom to three bio kids her daughter Miss Mae and boy/girl twins, Ry-Ry and Aves.  She would love for you to stop by the community over at Divine Moments and say Hello where she writes about embracing the divine moments that God has for us in the everyday.  


I met Tara from our monthly link-ups we have had this year.  I love her blog so much!  Not only is it a beautiful blog, she is so inspiring in her posts.  

Hi there!
My name is Tara, I'm married to Coach Sims and we have two children - Olivia & Jonah.
 We live in a small town in Texas and we love it! 
I enjoy going back to the city for fun & shopping, but my heart is here.
 Three things that are important to us are Faith, Family & Football.
First and foremost, I owe all that I am and all that I ever will be to my Lord and Savior.
He is the beginning and the end.
 I am forever thankful for His grace & mercy.
 I strive to be the best wife & mama I can be…
 Family is important to me and I want to create a fun childhood for our children.  I want them to carry with them wonderful memories
that will last a lifetime.
 If you are familiar with Texas High School Football then you know
 it’s a big thing here…
One of my favorite places to be is under those Friday Night Lights.
 I love supporting my husband as he is chasing his dreams as an
 Athletic Director and Head Football Coach.
He puts countless hours into his passion and I want to see him succeed.
 We believe….
 “Do it all for the glory of God…” Colossians 3:17


Tamara writes at Adoption Mama Blog as well as Hosts Adoption Swap Box. She shares stories and thoughts on Adoption, her Faith in Jesus Christ, Parenthood, Crafting, Home Decor & whatever else comes to her heart. Tamara just celebrated her 10th year of marriage with her husband Mark. They are parents of two beautiful boys who entered their family through adoption. Tamara &Mark are once again waiting to adopt their third child & share this most recent adoption journey on the blog as well. Adoption Mama Blog is full of Faith, Honesty, Encouragement, Love & Laughter. Come check it out!

I hope you will check out these blogs today and leave a comment to encourage them!

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