Abide in My Love

As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you; continue ye in my love. - John 15:9

We speak of a man's home as his abode.
Our abode,
the home of our soul,
is to be the
love of Christ.
We are to live our life there,
to be at home there all the day:
this is what Christ means our life to be
and what He really can make it. 
You have probably heard or read of what is called
the higher
or the deeper life,
of the richer
or the fuller life,
of the life abundant...
The love of the Father to the Son is not a sentiment -
it is a divine life,
an infinite energy,
an irresistible power....

The feebleness of our Christian life
is that we do not take time to believe that His divine love
does really delight in us
and will possess
and work all in us.
We do not take time to look at the Vine bearing the branch so entirely,
working all in it so completely. 
We strive to do for ourselves what Christ alone can,
what Christ,
oh so lovingly,
longs to do for us...

To believe that everything that makes it difficult
or impossible
will be overcome by Christ Himself;
to believe that love really means
an infinite longing
to give itself wholly to us and
never leave us;
and in this faith to cast ourselves on Christ to work it in us;
this is the secret of the true Christian life....

And how to come to this faith?
Take more time with Jesus,
gazing on Him as the heavenly Vine,
living in the love of the Father,
who wants you to live in His love...

Abiding means going out from everything else to occupy one place and stay there.
Come away from all else,
set your heart on Jesus and His love,
and that love will waken your faith
and strengthen it.

O Love of Christ,
come live in my heart.
Be the center of my life. 
Be the strength of my flesh. 
Be the change in my attitude. 
O Love of Christ,
Make your home
in my soul.
Be the patience I long for with my children.
Be the forgiveness I desire for those that have wronged me.
Be the wisdom to guide those around me.
O Love of Christ
Permeate all of my life.
So that I may have life - and have it abundantly!

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