Ye, Even As I

If ye keep My commandments, ye shall abide in My love, Even as I have kept My Father's commandments, and abide in His love." - Joh 15:10

"He was made like us in all things,
that we might be like Him in all things.
He opened up a path in which we may walk
 even as He walked.
He took our human nature
to teach us how to wear it,
and show us how obedience,
as it is the first duty of the creature,
is the only way
to abide in the
favor of God
and enter into
His glory.
And now He cames to instruct
and encourage us,
and asks us to keep His commandments,
even as He kep
His father's commandments
and abides in His love....
In accepting
and doing
His will,
I rise into fellowhip
with Him.

The branch cannot
bear fruit
except as it has exactly the same
life as the Vine.
Our life is to be
the exact counterpart
of Christ's life....

Do let us take from our Lord
the lesson of
as the secret of
Let us confess that simiple,
universal obedience
has taken too little the place it should have.
Christ diedf or us as enemies,
when we were
He took us up
into His love,
now that we are in Him,
His Word is:
'Obey and abide; ye, even as I.'
Let us give ourselves
to a willing
and loving obedience.
He will keep us abiding in His love."

How do I abide?
Live in obedience.
Obey the commands.
Live a life marked by
Have a life marked by

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