The Father Glorified

Herein is my Father glorified: that ye bear much fruit.  John 15:8

"How can we glorify God? Not by adding to His glory or bringing Him any new glory that He has not.  But simply by allowing His glory to shine out through us, by yielding ourselves to Him, that His glory may manifest itself in us and through us to the world. In a vineyard or a vine bearing much fruit, the owner is glorified, as it tells of his skill and care. In the disciple who bears much fruit, the Father is glorified. Before men and angels, proof is given of the glory of God's grace and power; God's glory shines out through him....We have sometimes mourned our lack of fruit, as a loss of ourselves and our fellow men, with complaints of our feebleness as the cause. Let us rather think of them in and shame of little fruit as robbing God of the glory He ought to get from us." - Murry

My life cannot just automatically give God glory, it is working through the ability that He has given.  It is my life looking a lot less like me and more and more like Him.

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