The Wonderful Love

As the Father hath loved Me, so have I loved you - John 15:9

"We are in danger of looking to Christ as a Savior and a supplier of every need, appointed by God, accepted and trusted by us, without any sense of the intensity of personal affection in which Christ embraces us and alone in which our life can find its true happiness....Even as the Father loved Him, He loves us. His life as Vine dependent on the Father was a life in the Father's love; that love was His strength and His joy; in the power of that divine love resting on Him, He lived and died....And now, if Christ loves us with such an intense, such an infinite divine love, what is it that hinders it triumphing over every obstacle and getting full possession of us? The answer is simple. Even as the love of the Father to Christ, s His love to us is a divine mystery, too high for us to comprehend or attain to by any effort of our own. It is only the Holy Spirit who can continually shed abroad and reveal in its all-conquering power this wonderful love of God in Christ." - Murray

So many times do I try and try and strive and strive to overcome the obstacles in my life: to love this person; to forgive this person; to give this; to persevere.....yet I need only rest.  Rest in Christ' love for me.  I talk about Christ's love for others, but what about me?  Christ loves me, as the Father loves Christ. Amazing. Astonishing. Reassuring. Comforting....strengthening!  And through the power of the Holy Spirit, I can overcome all that the world tries to throw at me. 

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