Waiting Child List

Although we are waiting to send in our dossier, we contacted our agency to see if we could start the paperwork for the "Waiting Child" program.
I've mentioned before that we had considered a couple of children on the waiting child list. Those did not turn out to be the child God has for us. Children on this list usually have a severe special need or are older. Sometimes they are sibling groups as well. Children on this Waiting Child list are ready to be adopted!

They come from all over the world (some even here in the US). You can check out a
great site here explaining a little more, and how YOU can help! 

You do not need to be adopting to help these children who are waiting for a forever home!
To be able to matched with child from the Waiting Child program, you have to fill out a packet of forms. Those forms include the following (in addition to some specific China forms):
Family Letter: This letter indicates our motivation and commitment to adopting achild with special placement needs.                           
Family Care Plan - This document will assist us in gathering a list of local resources that will be available to our meet our child’s medical and other needs after arrival. Family Training Plan - We must iInclude all previous, current, and future trainings related to the specific child our family hopes to adopt (age, gender, race, special needs, etc.). 
Letter(s) of Reference    - We must provide at least one letter of reference from an organization, an educational or medical institute, a volunteer group, or another family (parents of a child with special needs) indicating both parents’ participation in a learning or observing experience with a child with medical/special needs that match the medical/special needs of the child you are hoping to adopt.
Health Insurance Verification Form
Statement from Appointed Guardians

I was feeling VERY overwhelmed when I first looked at the checklist. After I told my Dad all that we needed to do (in addition to all that we are already doing), he replied, "More red tape!" Of course, we knew and are completely ok with all the red tape....it is still tiring. 

Jason was quick to remind me: "You don't have to get it all done tonight." He knows how I am. When there is paperwork to do for this adoption, I drop everything and do it! We cannot submit all of the information this week, we have to wait on some forms.  I do not need to stay up until midnight and gather everything.
God is teaching me in a BIG way that this is all in His timing. It may feel as if we are going at a snail's pace, but we are still moving foward. I am thankful for that!

Please pray:

1. We can gather all we need for the dossier.
2. We can gather all we need for the Waiting Child application.
3. I can let go and trust that God is in control (easier said than done).

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