Joy of Christmas: Day Three

Christmas is so much more than presents, trees, lights, and childhood.

We would all agree that Christmas is about Christ. Yet, we only focus our study on a small part of who Christ is during this Christmas season. We only talk about mangers, starts, angels, and a baby. He is so much more than that! We sing about and talk about the joy that comes with the Christmas story. But why is it so joyful that Christ was born?

Inspired by the Jesse Tree Advent book**, I am going to do a 25-Day series focusing on

finding joy in Christ!

Joy of Christmas: Day Three

Inside the Ark
Many of our Old Testament stories point us to Jesus.  These pictures or symbols are called "types."  It is to be like a foreshadowing of something, or in this case, Someone.  One of these "types" of Christ is the ark.  Just as Noah was rescued from the flood through the ark, we too, are rescued from our sins through Jesus. Hebrews tells us that Noah preached for the entire 120 years it took to built the ark.  He invited people to be rescued and saved, but no one listened.  Noah was promised that if he trusted and believed in God, God would deliver him.  After Noah was rescued, God put a rainbow in the sky.  It is a reminder that God will not flood the earth again to destroy it.  However, rainbows can also be a reminder to us that God keeps His promises.

Today, Jesus invites those that would come and be rescued from their sins.  He promises joy to those that come. (John 15:9-17) We will not have joy that comes and goes - but joy that is everlasting.  That is the promise that awaits you.  Will you step into the Ark that is Jesus and be rescued from your sins?  Joy, love, and forgiveness awaits you.

**Note: A simple google search will give you several options concerning the devotions and ornaments associated with the Jesse Tree.  This is a site that I like: HERE

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