The Joy of Christmas: Day Fourteen

Christmas is so much more than presents, trees, lights, and childhood.

We would all agree that Christmas is about Christ. Yet, we only focus our study on a small part of who Christ is during this Christmas season. We only talk about mangers, starts, angels, and a baby. He is so much more than that! We sing about and talk about the joy that comes with the Christmas story. But why is it so joyful that Christ was born?

Inspired by the Jesse Tree Advent book**, I am going to do a 25-Day series focusing on

finding joy in Christ! Click here for more info.

Joy of Christmas: Day Fourteen

Lion and the Lamb

On day Jesus will return.  He will make everything right.  Sometimes there are days when I wish He would come TODAY.  I want life to fair now.  I want death to be gone forever now.  I want the wrongs to be right now

This has been especially true recently.  For those of you who have lost loved ones, Christmas can be a hard time - not a joyful time.  Death is so inconvenient.  No matter how you had with someone, there are still more things to say.  Whether the death was sudden or known, it is still so hard. 

Christmas makes me think of those that I have lost.  It makes me remember people who have lost loved ones.  And more recent, my heart breaks for a sweet couple who lost their precious boy last week.  He was here only 11 weeks.  My heart breaks for them.  They never got to bring him home.  The first time she used the cradle was at the funeral.  My heart hurts so bad for them.  I hate death.

Death is not a part of eternity.  There is hope that death is defeated and Christ will vanquish it forever.  Although life is hard, remember that Christ's Second Coming is a reason to rejoice.  Rejoice in that Christ will make all the wrongs right and life will be fair with Him as Judge.

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