Joy of Christmas: Day Twenty-One

Christmas is so much more than presents, trees, lights, and childhood.

We would all agree that Christmas is about Christ. Yet, we only focus our study on a small part of who Christ is during this Christmas season. We only talk about mangers, starts, angels, and a baby. He is so much more than that! We sing about and talk about the joy that comes with the Christmas story. But why is it so joyful that Christ was born?

Inspired by the
Jesse Tree Advent book**, I am going to do a 25-Day series focusing on
finding joy in Christ! Click here for more info.

Joy of Christmas: Day Twenty-One

The Return

The people were getting ready.  The children of Israel returned to their land.  They built a wall.  They built a temple.  They waited.  And waited. And waited. 

For 400 years they waited.

We have all waited for something.  It cannot compare to 400 years of silence.  The people had returned, done everything right, yet God STILL hadn't sent the promised Messiah.  When would He come?  Would He even come?  Many people died before He came. 

But He came.  God did what He promised.  He sent His Son.  He sent the Savior.

What are you waiting for this Christmas season?  A new job? A new friend? A promise to be fulfilled?  Be encouraged and rejoice that ALL you need has come.  Jesus is truly the answer to all of our hopes and dreams.  He is the Savior - not only from sin and death (Hallelujah!).  He is the Savior to bring us joy, love, and peace.  Do not wait to make Him Lord of your life.  Spend this Christmas rejoicing that Jesus has come - the wait is over!  Life is yours if you would seek Him.

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